Home Alarms & Security - A complete security system for every home

Come home to the smartest house on the block and connect with user-friendly innovation.

The Kern Group specializes in providing comprehensive, custom-designed home alarms and security solutions, small to large. We offer a complete range of options, from simple home alarms to complex to suit your specifications.

Protected, connected and a whole lot more.

Every family is different, and so are their needs. That's why The Kern Group offers a complete portfolio of home alarms and security products. Accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer the SmartHome is ideally suited for today's homeowners.

Wherever you are, your SmartHome is there too.

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Ideal for modern families, The Kern Group brings smart, cost effective home alarms and lifestyle management into your home and at your fingertips. Reliable and convenient, The Kern Group lets you synchronize your home alarm systems with your day-to-day activities and create customized scenarios so that your home responds to your unique schedule.

Smart Home
Smart Home Alarm

Security and home control options designed for modern life

The Kern Group is trained to evaluate and design systems based on your unique situation. So whether your home is big or small, We will take the time to get to know your needs and tailor a comprehensive home alarm or security system to meet your exact budget and requirements. Our comprehensive line of home alarm solutions can easily accommodate a variety of security priorities, providing unmatched protection and safety for your family and home. Once your home alarm or security system is installed, The Kern Group will take the time to educate you on all the features and functions, making sure you understand how your system works for optimal performance.

Home Alarms

Built for life. Designed for you.

The alarm panel provides complete home protection from the inside out. Our system's easily incorporates additional security and home safety devices for extra peace of mind.

Home Alarm Peora

Life Safety

Is your security system doing all it can to protect

your family? 

The Kern Group's line of Life Safety and Fire Safety detectors provide highly accurate sensing and immediate notification of threats to keep you and your home safe.

Home Fire Alarms Peoria

Video Security

Kids home from school?

See if the kids got home on time or if pets are doing okay though live streaming video of any area of your home inside or out.

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Smart Home

Interactive control whether at home or away.

Connectivity and convenience are built into our home security systems. These products are each designed to let users access and control their home security from virtually anywhere at any time with a smart device. Plus, other compatible home functions; such as lighting, HVAC, door lock controls and more can also be incorporated into the control panel.

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