The Kern Group Launches PDQView Hosted Video Services

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The integration firm expands commercial video offerings to include remote access for law enforcement.

April 29, 2016 SSI Staff

The Kern Group, a systems integration firm based in Illinois, introduced a hosted video services platform.

IP Security Camera
IP Security Camera

PEORIA, Ill. – The Kern Group, based here, has added hosted video services to its suite of security solutions. “The PDQView service uses HD commercial-grade network cameras to send all video securely to the cloud for remote access and storage.  We can also use a customer’s existing analog cameras to achieve the same results,” says R. Scott Kern, managing partner of the integration firm. The hosted video service eliminates the need for expensive and complex onsite recording hardware, software, maintenance and prevents lost or stolen video, according to the company. The Kern Group solution merges surveillance and business operations into an intelligence gathering platform that helps manage and protect business.The platform allows law enforcement authorities to view live and recorded video during an emergency. Police can access the video remotely as an event unfolds for accurate threat assessment and immediate situational awareness. 

“PDQView is easy for police to use. All they need is an Internet connection, which virtually every police vehicle has and the login credentials that are assigned by the end user. For example, a school district,” Kern says.

This facet of the hosted service makes it ideal for education, government agencies and municipalities, he adds. Private business also has the ability to opt-in on this added layer of protection and response. “In the wake of on-going violence and terror related events both here and abroad, the easy and secure video sharing aspect of our service becomes increasingly important for homeland security and public safety,” Kern says.

Live and recorded video is accessible to authorized users via their computer, smartphone or tablet.  All video is encrypted and hosted in a dedicated redundant secure operations center with both physical and logical security countermeasures.

The service is especially beneficial for multisite organizations such as franchises, bank branches and schools. Business owners and security and operations personnel can check-in to multiple locations quickly via single sign-on to view cameras feeds.

“The services are designed with the commercial, small business and high value asset protection customer in mind while providing 24/7 secure cloud recording, local back-up and live streaming video,” Kern says.

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