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Access Control - Effective, intuitive solutions for today and tomorrow

​The Kern Group offers a wide range of scalable access control devices, systems that provide safety, security, and convenience for applications from large business to government and small business solutions. Ideal for small to large applications, our access control systems are easy to configure and simple to use for the end user. 

Effective, intuitive access control for today and tomorrow

The Kern Group AXIS Certified Professional

The Kern Group offers the next-generation in access control. We provide a complete line of access devices including control panels, card readers, keypads, electric and magnetic locks and a full line of complimentary products to meet your specific requirements.

The Kern Group specializes in evaluating and designing systems based on your unique situation. Therefore, no matter how big or small your business is, we will take the time to understand your needs and tailor a comprehensive access control system. This will help you to meet your exact budget. Offering unmatched protection and safety for your business, we offer a comprehensive line of access control solutions. Kern Group will educate you on all features and functions of your system once it has been installed, ensuring that you understand how it works for optimal performance.

Smart access control

Network Door Controllers

Axis network door controllers let you start with what you need. Your access control solution can easily grow in step with your business and your requirements. Whether that means starting with access control for a single building and later expanding it to your entire complex – or just to your elevators, for example. Or beginning with stand-alone access control and adding integration with other software systems in the future.  

In our portfolio we have:

  • AXIS A1001 for basic access management in small and mid-sized installations.

  • AXIS A1601 for advanced access management in mid-sized and large installations. 

Access Control Software

No matter your needs, we offer access control management software to meet your requirements. From more basic access control management, to unified video and access control, as well as a range of partner solutions, we have you covered. Thanks to open systems and a broad portfolio, our solutions can change, adapt, and grow when you do.


Access Control Entry Manager Software - Developed with a focus on ease of use and intuitive handling, with navigation tools that provide quick access to controllers in the system. Users are easily added and are assigned the right access level by a simple drag- and–drop operation.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry - Combines video surveillance and access control management in one unified user-friendly interface, giving you new possibilities to enhance security. Operators have a complete overview of everything that’s happening at the door so they can visually identify visitors or get automatic alerts in case of incidents.

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