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Video Surveillance - Seeing video in a whole new way

To address modern-day video surveillance challenges, The Kern Group meets the most demanding security environments. From front-line surveillance to back-end storage, The Kern Group has you covered.

Designed to meet the most demanding standards.

The Kern Group Axis Certified Professional

Kern Group offers a comprehensive video surveillance line that includes every application; from simple one or two camera systems to complex multi-camera systems – including body-worn cameras and cloud-based recording.

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Unmatched Performance 

The Kern Group's video line brings the benefits of digital security monitoring to commercial applications with reliable, scalable, easy-to-use and cost-efficient video security solutions. With centralized management and mobile apps, you'll have more convenience and control, while cutting-edge IP cameras and recorders provide practical and reliable surveillance, even in the most challenging situations. With advanced technologies and innovative features, The Kern Group can provide cost-effective security solutions for a wide variety of applications. 

A complete video surveillance solution for small businesses to large.

Commitment to protect, resources to deliver

To achieve optimal performance in any application, no matter how large or small, there are more challenges today than ever before. As organizational needs change, organizations must integrate multiple components, secure more access points, and find new, cost-effective ways to scale and upgrade equipment. A video surveillance system from The Kern Group can meet these challenges with products that can address both front-line surveillance and back-end data management. Our video solutions meet virtually every application need, whether you are looking to move from analog to digital products, gain remote access and control, or manage input from multiple sources.

  • Network Cameras

  • Wearables (Body Worn Cameras)

  • Video Recorders & workstations

  • Analytics

  • Video Management Software

  • Network Intercoms

The Kern Group Axis Logo Silver Partner
The Kern Group AXIS Video Surveillance Family

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Providing all your video hardware and component needs

Network Cameras

A safer, smarter world with reliable surveillance in any environment.

  • Dome cameras - Ideal for discreet surveillance.

  • Box cameras - Ideal as deterrents

  • Bullet cameras - All-purpose surveillance

  • PTZ cameras - Wide-area surveillance with pan, tilt, and zoom

  • Modular cameras - Provides highly discreet surveillance

  • Panoramic cameras - Complete situational awareness in one camera

  • Thermal cameras - Detect people and objects in the dark or fog

  • Explosion-protected cameras - For hazardous locations


Video Analytics

Offering the widest range of flexible and scalable analytics available to help you gain actionable insights. 

  • Face Detector -  For loss prevention

  • Fence Guard - For intrusion detection

  • License Plate Verifier - License plate recognition

  • Loitering Guard - For detecting loiterers

  • Object Analytics - AI-based object detection and classification

  • Perimeter Defender - High-security, scalable perimeter protection

  • People Counter - Count people to make informed decisions

  • Queue Monitor - Application for queue measurement

Camera Station - VMS

Easy and efficient video surveillance and access control software

  • Suitable for retail stores, hotels, schools, and manufacturing plants. 

  • Secure, flexible, and scalable, it gives you what you need.

  • Add more features - network intercoms, door stations, cameras, radar detection, audio devices or access control

  • Enhanced analytics improve operator efficiency.

  • Live view, investigation, export, video redaction for third-party privacy protection, and access management are all included in VMS Interface

  • Mobile app for securely and remotely viewing video

Body Worn Cameras

Positively influence the actions of camera wearers and the public alike.​

  • Operating time of over 12 hours at 1080p, lightweight and durable. 

  • Provides crisp images even under challenging conditions with dual microphones for superior audio and noise suppression. 

  • Maintain your safety, record evidence, and get perspective. 

  • Our body worn solutions use an open platform to provide seamless integration and manage video in a way that works best for you.

  • ​CAD and RMS integration, Audit trail functionality, Automatic redaction of faces

Companion - VMS

​​Professional video surveillance made simple

  • Ideal for small businesses looking for simplicity.

  • Easy and intuitive surveillance

  • Secure remote access to video

  • Mobile app for freedom of use

  • Alert notifications

  • Efficient system management

  • Supports analytics from Axis


Designed for two-way communication, video identification & remote entry control

  • Intercoms from Axis and 2N combine clear, two-way communication with video surveillance 

  • Analytics, enable better overall security. 

  • Video and audio can be linked to triggers so smart actions can be taken, such as when a visitor approaches. 

  • Additionally, they can be powered and connected to your existing IP network without special cabling.

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